Rooting the Chromecast

Rooting the Chromecast

More or less a month back we discovered that from the XDA developers forums a developers team called Eureka Team have achieved to root and flash the Chromecast device to develop new modifications of its software, so right now we announcing that they achieved a new way.

As a result of that month of work the same Eureka Team have develop another method to root devices so we link their official forum post here, also I'm leaving a link for the interested people back to the first rooting way here.

These two methods can take the users to a whole new level in a mid/long term that allows to try many other ideas or options through the homemade ROMs that developers create, I 'd like to include also the link to the main index listing for the Chromecast developers here.

The video-tutorial of the first version

The video-tutorial of the latest version

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