How to setup your Google Chromecast easily

How to setup your Google Chromecast easily

Now following some easy steps will show you what you need to setup your Google Chromecast device in order to get it to work easily.

We have just received our Google Chromecast and after opening it we find the following components:

    1. Google Chromecast.
    2. USB power cable.
    3. Power supply.
    4. HDMI extender.

Now with all the components we need to connect the Google Chromecast properly to the TV.

We will take the following steps:

    1. Connect the USB power cable to the Google Chromecast.
    2. Later connect the Google Chromecast to the HDMI port of your TV.
    3. After that connect the other side of the USB power cable to a USB plug, you have 2 options:
        1. A USB port from the TV.
        2. The included power supply with the package.

Now you can turn on your TV and will see that the Google Chromecast screen appears as we show in the following image.

One you see this screen you can go to the following link from your computer or mobile where you'll configure your WiFi network for the Google Chromecast.

If you don't understand some of the steps we took earlier here is the official Google Chromecast video.

Source: Google Chromecast Support

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