Google Chromecast Offers

Google Chromecast Offers

You can discover some Chromecast Offers from your Chrome browser in this article.

From Google they keep looking to reach out to the users by offering continuously some great deals and offers to the users.

The last one was in Valentine’s Day, Google offered 6$ to all the registered users with the Google Chromecast device.

But there is a lot of offers always awaiting for you in their Google Chromecast Offers Link, between the offers you can find the 90-days subscription to Google Play, a Dramafever subscription or sometomes even some free films.

And if you don't have the device, now the Google Chromecast costs only $35 through retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy. You can always buy a refurbished Google Chromecast from Groupon for $25 now.

The Google Chromecast is the most popular steaming media device around the world. In 2014, 10 million Google Chromecasts were sold and it is now available in over 27 countries.

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