Now you can control your Chromecast from your TV remote

Now you can control your Chromecast from your TV remote

Since the Google Chromecast has arrived in our lives Google has done a spectacular job of improving and bringing new features to the Google Chromecast. This extremely low-cost streaming device keeps going better everyday even with the 2nd birthday so close.

The latest feature makes it possible for Google Chromecast to receive requests directly from your TV remote, almost the 80% of nowadays TV support this feature. This means that you can stop, play, pause and resume your current video streaming without even using your mobile phone like you would have to until now.

This is possible with the use of HDMI-CEC, this protocol allows all the HDMI devices to communicate with each other. Google Chromecast it's been using this protocol to switch the current selected source of your TV every time you send a new stream to it.

The 27946 firmware update to Google Chromecast added support for these new commands and send that info to the current app in running in the device. So the best way for verifying if your TV does support this new feature it's simply trying it out for yourself.

This update puts Google Chromecast in the top of the list because of commodity achievements.

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